About Us

We are a team of ex-MOE humanities teachers with extensive experience in teaching lower and upper secondary history and social studies. We pride ourselves in developing different abilities students to score well in school and national exams.

What we are set to achieve?

1.    Prepare learners for post-secondary education by helping them to perform well in school and national exams.
2.    Create interest for humanities subjects among learners.
3.    Enthuse passion for life-long learning.

40Happy Students (N & O Level)
2No. of Specialised Subjects

Why Choose US

NIE Trained Ex-MOE Teachers

Ex-MOE teachers with extensive experience.

Humanities Subjects Specialist

We only specialise in History and Social Studies. This gives us an edge as we continue to refine our key focus.

Strong Track Record

We have proven success rate among our learners.

Customised Worksheets

Customised worksheets for SBQ , SRQ and SEQ skills.

Consistent Support

Online assistance for consultations and feedback outside teaching hours.

Personalised study plans

Personalised study plans and close monitoring of each learner.

Supplementary Material

Access to supplementary materials selected by our team to expand
learners horizons beyond syllabus and textbook content (Newspaper
articles, books, websites, peer-reviewed articles etc.)