Blended Learning

What is blended learning?
Blended learning program is designed to combine technology and traditional face-to-
face learning so that learners can learn holistically.

Who can benefit from blended learning?
Students who are self-motivated and willing to study unsupervised using learning platforms.
Advantage of Blended Learning.

-Face-to-face interaction to establish rapport and discuss Source Based Questions (SBQ) and Structured Essay Questions (SEQ) in details.

  • Cut down on travelling time as learners will complete worksheets/assignments at home and at their own pace. This leaves learners more time for other subjects.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Proven method for effective learning.

What is included in the four weeks blended learning program?

  1. One face-to-face session every 4 weeks.
  2. Weekly worksheets/assignment assigned by Humanities Explorer.
  3. Weekly Skype/video call to provide feedback and discuss assignment submitted online.
  4. Continuous Watsapp/phone call assistant for school and Humanities Explorer assignments.
  5. Customised worksheets by skill.
  6. Source Based Questions (SBQ) guide.
  7. Structured Essay Questions (SEQ) guide.