I joined Humanities Explorer only months before my o level examinations but even with limited time left, my teacher was still able to help me alot. He helped by reviewing the papers i did in the past and explained to me in detail how i could do better. He also answered every question i had which helped calrify all my doubts. My teacher was kind and patient and without his help, i dont think i would have improved from f9 in mid year exams to b3 in o levels.

G. Shaw Social Studies (2019 O Level) Dunman Secondary

Mr Singh is a very dedicated tutor. He will always follow up on my son’s learning milestone.
Under his tutelage my son has greatly improve in his critical thinking skill. He will provide many notes and practices for my son’s learning.
Whenever my son encountered difficulties in his history, he felt at ease to seek advise from Mr Singh and Mr Singh response was always prompt and helpful.
I totally have a piece of mind when I entrust my son’s history result to him.
Thank you Mr. Singh!

Mdm Geok Lay Wan Mother of a History student from St Joseph's Institute (2019 and 2020)

Mr. Singh has been extremely supportive during lessons and always goes the extra mile to teach us . He uses various effective methods of teaching and finds the one that best suites each of his students , which is very rare in schools today. If we have any doubts , Mr Singh never fails to help us . Before I joined his tuition , I was to afraid to go for my humanities exams, after his guidance I gained confidence and the right techniques to tackle the questions with ease !

P. Kumar Social Studies and Elective History (2019 O level) St Patrick's School

Mr. Singh is the reason for my immense improvement in Social Studies and History. He’s such a warm hearted person who was never reluctant to teach us more than once till we truly understood the concepts. His biggest plus is that he is extremely well updated about the topics thought in the school and knows how to coach you about it. Another plus is that you will never break a sweat to understand his teachings, it’s straightforward and very easy to implement in your work.I highly recommend him to all humanities students who are struggling, I’m assured that with his guidance and help Humanities will be like a stroll in the park !

K. S Social Studies and Elective History (2019 O level) St Patrick's School.