Mr. Singh is the reason for my immense improvement in Social Studies and History. He’s such a warm hearted person who was never reluctant to teach us more than once till we truly understood the concepts. His biggest plus is that he is extremely well updated about the topics thought in the school and knows how to coach you about it. Another plus is that you will never break a sweat to understand his teachings, it’s straightforward and very easy to implement in your work.I highly recommend him to all humanities students who are struggling, I’m assured that with his guidance and help Humanities will be like a stroll in the park !

K. S Social Studies and Elective History (2019 O level) St Patrick's School.

Mr Singh has been extremely helpful with my lessons and has a unique way of teaching. It is very different from the typical style of secondary school. In secondary school I myself was failing in SS. I finally managed to pass thanks to Mr Singh’s help! 😊

Roshan Social Studies (2019 O level) Mayflower Secondary School.